Joie de Vivre Spring 2021

🌻🌸🌷🌼🌺”JOIE DE VIVRE”🌺🌼🌷🌸🌻⠀

“Joie de Vivre” includes a few new styles such as VITA, VIRGINIA, MERCEDES and VIOLETTE and many new colors including LILAC, PURPLE, LIGHT PINK, HOT PINK and GREY. ⠀

Any existing style on the web site can be made in these new colors with few exceptions. ⠀

*A note on lace: to avoid wasteful stock, LBV avoids buying excessive amounts of lace and other materials. That means there are very limited quantities on the lace you may see in the photos. If the lace runs out before you can order it, a similarly beautiful lace in the same color will replace it. DM for any questions. ⠀

🌎 Les Bonnes Vivantes Paris is anti-fast fashion. There is no reason to throw out perfectly good lingerie when our landfills are full and workers are being exploited all over the world.⠀
That’s why LBV lingerie is timeless, can be mixed and matched with other pieces in my past collections and with what you may own already 🤗⠀

All colors are dyed using Acid Dyes from @jacquardproducts which are some of the safest dyes on the market.⠀